Posted on Apr 14, 2021

SpartanTec, Inc.

What are Zero Day Threats?
Large cyberattacks have been making the headlines lately such as the Microsoft Exchange server’s Hafnium exploit and SolarWinds Orion Platform’s Sunburst exploit. These attacks originated from zero day threats and have affected organizations in different parts of the world.

Zero day refers to both the threat and vulnerability. The latter refers to a security flaw in a software that the developer doesn’t know or one that is known but the developer doesn’t have a patch to fix the problem. Meanwhile, a zero day attack refers to a cybersecurity threat that’s never been seen before and one that exploits a specific vulnerability.

How to prevent and keep your company safe from zero day threats?
Zero day threats have become more common and prevention has become more crucial and firms need to take more proactive measures to make sure that their business, employees, as well as critical data are kept safe and protected.
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